Volumetric Analysis

Survey types we have been doing with UAVs is that of volumetric stockpile analysis. This is the assignment of estimating the volume of material in a store either as an irregular exercise, or, as a feature of an occasional estimation system to help, for eg. material valuation.


Generally, these estimations have been taken by surveyors on the ground using some laser scanners to make a point cloud. The UAV (drone mapping), nonetheless, rather than Lidar or a laser scanner, conveys a high goal computerized camera and embraces the overview utilizing photogrammetric strategies.


This is an exceptionally precise review strategy as the UAV sees the entire of the stockpile including the entirety of its highlights, inclines and complex 3D shapes. This could be viewed as more exact than a terrestrial survey as it will be hard to catch the surface of the stockpile with 100% precision